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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arnaut in Turkish?

Arnaut ( Ottoman Turkish: ارناود ‎) is a Turkish ethnonym used to denote Albanians. Arvanid ( اروانيد ), Arnavud ( آرناوود ), plural: Arnavudlar ( آرناوودلار ): modern Turkish: Arnavut, plural: Arnavutlar; are ethnoyms used mainly by Ottoman and contemporary Turks for Albanians with Arnavutça being called the Albanian language.

What is the origin of the name Arnaut?

(The last of these, with an internal switching of consonants, gave rise to the Turkish form 'Arnavud', from which 'Arnaut' was later derived.)" ^ Nouveau Dictionnaire Militaire. Paris, 1892, p.

What does Arnot stand for?

Arnaut (Ottoman Turkish: ارناود‎) is a Turkish ethnonym used to denote Albanians.

What is Arnaut Street in Odessa?

The city of Odessa has two streets: Great Arnaut Street and Little Arnaut Street. Historically used as an exonym, the Turkish term Arnaut has also been used for instance by some Western Europeans as a synonym for Albanians that were employed as soldiers in the Ottoman army.

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