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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arnaut in Turkish?

Arnaut ( Ottoman Turkish: ارناود ‎) is a Turkish ethnonym used to denote Albanians. Arvanid ( اروانيد ), Arnavud ( آرناوود ), plural: Arnavudlar ( آرناوودلار ): modern Turkish: Arnavut, plural: Arnavutlar; are ethnoyms used mainly by Ottoman and contemporary Turks for Albanians with Arnavutça being called the Albanian language.

What is Arnaut Daniel best known for?

Arnaut Daniel. Arnaut Daniel (Occitan: [aɾˈnawd daniˈɛl]; fl. 1180–1200) was an Occitan troubadour of the 12th century, praised by Dante as a "the best smith" (miglior fabbro) and called a "grand master of love" (gran maestro d'amore) by Petrarch.

What is Arnaut Street in Odessa?

The city of Odessa has two streets: Great Arnaut Street and Little Arnaut Street. Historically used as an exonym, the Turkish term Arnaut has also been used for instance by some Western Europeans as a synonym for Albanians that were employed as soldiers in the Ottoman army.

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