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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Army ROTC?

It normally involves one elective class and lab each semester, along with the required physical training and field training exercises This is for you if you're joining Army ROTC after your first two years of college or if you're transferring schools. Practice leadership roles in a team dynamic, and get helpful feedback so you can grow as a leader.

How do I contact the University of Idaho Army ROTC?

Contact the Recruiting Operations Officer for more information about University of Idaho Army ROTC at 208-885-6528 or [email protected]

How do I get a ROTC scholarship?

However, after graduation, you will be required to attend the Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC). How can I apply for an Army ROTC scholarship? As a high school senior, you can get a head start on your future by applying for the ROTC National Scholarship, a four-year scholarship, at a participating school.

How do I get a blackboard username and password?

At "Manage My Accounts," choose the Blackboard link, then check your student contact information for "preferred email addresses" b. Compass will auto generate Blackboard username and password and send it to your "preferred email address"

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