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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Ares god of war do bad things?

To say that, Ares, the god of war, had a bad reputation is a gross understatement . His insatiable thirst for violence and bloodshed made him feared by mortal beings and despised by his fellow deities. Zeus, his father, wasn't particularly fond of him either.

What was the responsibility of Ares god of war?

Ares was the god of war who presided over battlefields and armies. He was also in a sense the god of peace, in that if placated, he would keep away war. Ares was the god of the works of warfare - he presided over troop formation, the driving forward and rallying of troops, and the struggle of battle.

What are weaknesses of Ares the god of war?

Greek gods-Ares. The last strength is fearless which means he is not scared of anything . Some of his weaknesses are Impulsive . Another weakness is bloodthirsty . Ares last Weakness he had is raring for a fight regardless of the consequences .

Who did Ares god of war have affairs with?

From the union of Ares with Aphrodite came into the world sons, Eros and Anteros, Phobos (god of phobias and fear), Deimos (god of terror), Harmonia (goddess of harmony), and Adrestia (goddess of revolt). Consequently, his frequent love affairs with mortal women and fathered violent, disorderly sons, and even skilled female warriors, Amazons.

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