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Frequently Asked Questions

Is arenarenaria Montana an evergreen?

Arenaria montana (Mountain Sandwort) forms a spectacular low evergreen cushion of small, rich, glossy, green, elliptic leaves, almost fully covered by relatively large pure white flowers in late spring or early summer. Great for rock gardens or edging paths, it will quickly fill in the spaces between flagstones, in walls or trough gardens.

What can I do with Arenaria montana?

Landscaping Uses. Also useful to naturalise along rock retaining walls. Use Arenaria montana in a container where when in flower, the foliage will disappear beneath a sea of white blooms. Best grown in a position where it receives some moisture in summer, however remarkably hardy in most situations.

Does arenaria grow in full sun?

A attractive free flowering rock garden plant, Arenaria montana is a low growing perennial that can be used as a ground cover plant. It grows well in full sun to part shade, masses of small white flowers from spring into summer make a good display.

Is a Montana a perennial or annual?

A. montana is a low evergreen perennial forming a loose mat to 30cm in width, of small, rich green, elliptic leaves, with erect stems to 10cm in height, each carrying a few pure white flowers 1.5-2cm in width in early summer All ratings refer to the UK growing conditions unless otherwise stated.

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