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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ArenaNet games?

Games are art. We bring art to life. We're ArenaNet. We make the games we want to play a reality, and infuse them with innovation, hand-crafted detail, and creative passion.

What are the rights of ArenaNet LLC?

©2021 ArenaNet, LLC. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. By clicking “I Accept” below, you accept our and third parties’ use of marketing, social media, and advertising cookies and related personal data processing to improve functions, advertisements, and content on our websites and those of others.

How do I get more gems on my account?

One of the best ways to unlock gems on your account is to use a Gem Card purchased from an authorized retailer. This automatically bypasses the in-game payment systems to add gems directly to your account balance, which can then be used to purchase items.

What are gems used for in Minecraft?

— In-game description Gems are the in-game currency required to make purchases from the Gem Store. The amount of gems you hold is indicated in the bottom left of the inventory panel and upper left of the Gem Store. Gems may be spent on convenience or cosmetic items, or account services.

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