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Frequently Asked Questions

What is arenarenabg?

ArenaBG is a famous Bulgarian BitTorrent tracker established in 2008 and based in Frisco, Texas. The website along with another portal named Zamunda remained for years as the leading torrenting websites in the European country.

What happened to the old ArenaBG website?

In June 2007, a new site of ArenaBG has been published. It offers better functionality, smoother interface and complete English menus. The old website was set to close in July, but it's still fully working.

Is ArenaBG still a popular torrent site?

Despite a long history of twists and turns, including a regulatory war and an incident of a hack and leak of users IP addresses, ArenaBG is still considered among the most popular torrent sites with over 6 million visitors monthly as of April 2019.

Why can't I access ArenaBG outside Bulgaria?

Because of the current police investigations against ArenaBG, access to the site was restricted outside Bulgaria. Now it can be accessed from everywhere. ArenaBG has pioneered a new initiative, which aims to make the torrents accessible without their own tracker through using FlashGet's DHT connections.

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