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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Arena Theatre in Houston Texas?

The Houston Arena Theatre is located in Houston, Texas. It is often times referred to as the Houston Arena Theatre. If you live in or around the area it is safe to say that you are well aware of the venue’s many benefits.

What is Arena Stage Theater?

arena stage. noun. : a theater stage surrounded or nearly surrounded by the audience specifically : the stage of an arena theater.

What is arena seating?

Arena Seating. It’s important for the seats to be comfortable, durable, waterproof and permanently fastened to the ground. For cost saving, standard stadium and arena seats are usually plastic with no padding or cushioning. Premium seats are popular for executive seating areas and often padded with leather for extra comfort.

What is an arena theater?

n. A theater without a proscenium, in which the stage is at the center of the auditorium and is surrounded by seats. Also called theater-in-the-round. a theater with seats arranged on at least three sides around a central stage; theater-in-the-round.

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