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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an arena stage in theatre?

Arena Theatre: An Arena stage is characterized by a central stage surrounded by audience on all sides. The stage area is also often raised to improve sightlines. Besides, what is the arena stage used for?

What is arena staging?

Arena is also known as theatre-in-the-round staging. Arenas are ancient of course, but drama in-the-round — performed for an audience surrounding the stage — is largely a 20th-century American development.

What isarena stage?

Arena Stage was one of the first not-for-profit theaters in the United States and was a pioneer of the Regional Theater Movement.

What are the different types of stages in theatre?

There are generally three types of stages: ~ PROSCENIUM, the traditional “flat” stage a la Childrens’ Theatre; ~ THRUST, in which the audience surrounds three sides of the stage, as at the Guthrie; and ~ ARENA, where the audience totally surrounds the stage. Arena is also known as theatre-in-the-round staging.

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