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Frequently Asked Questions

What is arenarena sports?

Arena Sports is a family-run business focused on family fun. We offer year-round soccer for people of all ages and abilities. Plus we have super cool indoor inflatable FunZones, awesome camps, and rockin' birthday parties. Learn more here.

What is the inflatable dodgeball Arena?

The inflatable Dodgeball Arena is a fun and exciting way to play the classic dodgeball game. You can have groups of 3 on 3 or 5 on 5 playing dodgeball using our soft cushioned dodge balls. Middle marker line designated where teams cannot pass during the game. The inflatable is covered with netting all around so the balls cannot go out.

What is Arena Sports' policy on masks?

Mask Policy Update: Governor Inslee has reinstated the statewide indoor mask mandate. This means we are required to have Arena Sports customers and staff ages 5 and older wear masks at all times while in our facilities, regardless of vaccination status. The following are exceptions to the mask mandate, per the Department of Health guideline:

Are there any sports games you can play online?

There are quite a few highscored games and also some sport games that you can play with a friend at the same computer. So if it's cold or raining outside and you're in the mood to play some ball, don't worry, you can do it all online.

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