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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arena brand?

Arena Brands, Inc. manufactures and distributes western and casual wear accessories along with hats and boots. The company's products include golf and casual hats, jewelry, boots, and accessories. The company was formerly known as Hat Brands, Inc. and changed its name to Arena Brands, Inc. in August 1997.

What is an indoor soccer arena?

Indoor soccer, or arena soccer (known internationally as indoor football, minifootball, fast football, floorball or showball), is a game derived from association football adapted for play in a walled indoor arena.

What is arena seating?

Arena Seating. It’s important for the seats to be comfortable, durable, waterproof and permanently fastened to the ground. For cost saving, standard stadium and arena seats are usually plastic with no padding or cushioning. Premium seats are popular for executive seating areas and often padded with leather for extra comfort.

What is Arena Online?

Arena Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game, set in a land with a fairly typical fantasy cast of races, monsters, castles and environments. Starting out with few abilities and being very weak, in Arena Online, as in similar titles like World Of Warcraft, you have to start to do quests to build your skills and abilities.

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