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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Arena Sports Camp?

Join us for camp! With plenty of space to run and have fun, Arena Sports Camp is a great solution to keep kids ages 3-12 entertained all day – especially knowing that it’s in a safe and healthy environment. Learn more about our upcoming camps!

Why choose arenarena?

Arena Sports Camps are the perfect camps for active kids ages 3-12. Our camps are wildly fun, flexible, safe and convenient. Kids will be entertained and off their gadgets all day and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that they are being well cared for in a great environment.

What is there to do at Arena Sports?

Campers ages 6-12 will have a blast playing laser tag, bowling and arcade games, plus trying the new ropes course with a zipline and climbing walls. We will depart from Arena Sports around 9:30am and return after lunch to finish the day with other camp activities.

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