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Frequently Asked Questions

How to play arena of Valor on TV?

For Android: Download the app on your Android from the Google Play Store and launch it. Next, tap the mirror button on the interface to start detecting available devices. Once detected, tap the name of your computer. Your device is now reflected on your TV and then you can start playing Arena of Valor.

Can you play arena of Valor on PC?

League of Legends can only be played on PC, while Arena of Valor can only be played on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and Nintendo Switch at present. As it is more common for someone to own a smartphone than a PC capable of playing League of Legends, Arena of Valor has the potential of being available to many more people than LoL is at the moment.

Is arena of Valor crossplay?

Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch Edition is an independent game with a number of differences from its mobile counterpart including hero choices, balance and feature sets. As such, there will not be cross play between mobile and Switch at launch and players will be creating new player accounts for Switch not tied to the mobile version.

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