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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fortnite season 4 have a leaderboard?

Fortnite Season 4 is here, and we have a host of new gameplay changes! We also have new leaderboards for this Season's Arena game mode, as well as other tournaments in Fortnite. Why are Leaderboards Good?

Where can I find the leaderboards in Fortnite?

Head over to the Arena mode or one of the in-game tournaments in Fortnite. Here you'll find the leaderboards. MARVEL - Which Marvel characters will arrive later in the season?

When does Arena Kings season 4 start?

For more information about Arena Kings, continue reading the season intro below: and Twitch will partner once again for season four of the new Arena Kings chess tournament series starting on Monday, May 13. As in season three , Monday and Friday will remain the regular Arena Kings days.

What is the highest rating on player vs player leaderboards?

Player vs. Player Leaderboards Rank 1 Tier/Rating Elite 3342 Rating Player Magnuszx Class Warrior Faction Alliance 3 more rows ...

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