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Frequently Asked Questions

What is arenarena investors?

Arena Investors is an institutional asset manager that provides creative solutions for those seeking capital in special situations.

Why does dCK have a partnership with arena investors?

In addition, Arena's partnership allows dck to expand its total building solutions package, including capital solutions, LEED, preconstruction services, general construction, and procurement & logistics." Arena Investors is an institutional asset manager founded in partnership with The Westaim Corporation (TSXV: WED).

Why arena for your business?

Arena brings decades of experience, a track record of comfort with complexity, the ability to deliver within time constraints, and the flexibility to engage in transactions that cannot be addressed by banks and other conventional financial institutions. Arena’s mandate is global, and also unconstrained in terms of asset class and industry.

Is *Arena a registered drug company?

*Arena is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company that does not have any medicines or products approved for use by any health authority.

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