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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the arena Cobra Ultra and COBRA core?

The Arena Cobra Core swimming goggle looks very similar to the Arena Cobra Ultra goggles, but there are in fact clear differences in the designs of the two goggles. The Cobra Core is a premium swim goggle with innovative lenses that offer an aquadynamic seal and reduced drag and turbulence while swimming.

What are the best arena swimming goggles?

The Arena Cobra goggles are another great pair of Arena swimming goggles, they aren’t quite as “ultra” as the Cobra Ultras, but they will get the job more than done. The Arena Cobra swimming goggles have a sleek and low profile design and come with UV shield, anti-fog, mirrored lenses.

Are Cobra ultra goggles worth the price?

Compared to Swedish goggles (one of my usual go-to’s in practice as they combine great visibility with being remarkably cheap), or even Speedo Vanquishers, the Cobra Ultra is a premium competition goggle (similar to Speedo’s Fastskin3 Elite goggles ), and as a result, is priced accordingly.

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