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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different areas of strengths?

Making a list of your strengths helps remind you of your employable qualities. You can split your list of strengths into three distinct categories, such as knowledge-based skills (technical skills), personality traits and transferrable skills (interpersonal skills).

What are the most important areas of strength for an employee?

While any strength can be applied while leading, leadership skills are particularly crucial. A number of soft skills and listening skills are needed for effective leadership, such as thorough communication. Other strengths include being empathetic, customer-focused, trustworthy, confidence, and selflessness.

What are some examples of interpersonal areas of strength?

An in-person interview allows you to highlight your workplace strengths in a face-to-face setting. For example, display your ability to communicate by speaking clearly, making eye contact and responding to the interviewer's body language. Demonstrating your strengths at work can increase your chances of getting a raise or promotion.

How can identifying weaknesses help you identify your strengths?

Strengths are the tasks you do easily and well. Focusing on your strengths allows you to use those skills to perform at a high level and show your value to the company. Weaknesses are the activities and abilities that are less easy for you. By identifying your weaknesses, you can learn to compensate for them and take steps to improve them.

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