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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is area code 803 from?

Area code 803 serves the state of South Carolina. This area code was assigned on January 1st, 1947. On January 1st, 1947 it went into service. 803 is a General Purpose Code.

Where is area code 804 located?

Area code 804 serves the state of Virginia. This area code was assigned on June 24th, 1973. On June 24th, 1973 it went into service. 804 is a General Purpose Code. Dialing pattern for local calls within the same NPA (area code) is 7D.

When did area code 843 change?

In 1998, area code 803 was split, and some of the phone numbers had to be updated to area code 843 on that date. To avoid exhausting all possible phone numbers in this area code, relief planning has begun. Currently, the largest city it serves is Columbia, SC, and it overlaps coverage areas with area code .

What state is area code 7803?

803 is one of the original 86 area codes created by AT&T and the Bell System in 1947. It originally served the entire state of South Carolina.

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