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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is area code 310?

The 310 Area Code is located in the state of California. Area Code 310 is one of the 269 three-digit telephone area codes in the USA. It covers roughly 8,014,000 unique phone numbers and 9,502,009 individuals near the cities of Los Angeles, Gardena, and Beverly Hills.

What area codes are 310 and 424?

Area codes 310 and 424. Area codes 310 and 424 are California telephone area codes that cover the West Los Angeles and South Bay areas of Los Angeles County, including Santa Catalina Island (located 26 miles (42 km) south of the mainland portion of Los Angeles County ). It also includes a small portion of Ventura County. Area code 310...

Where is area code 312 located?

Area code 312 serves the state of Illinois. This area code was assigned on January 1st, 1947. On January 1st, 1947 it went into service. 312 is a General Purpose Code. 312 service area does overlap with 872 area codes. Dialing pattern for local calls within the same NPA (area code) is 1+10D.

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