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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the formula to calculate the area?

Formulas for calculating area use letters which are identified below. For example the formula for the area of a circle will look like this: A = π r 2. This formula means that the area is equal to 3.14 times the radius squared.

How do I calculate area?

To calculate the area of a planar object, you’ll need the formula for the object depending on the shape of the object. For example, to get the area of a rectangle, you multiply the width by the height, and to calculate the area of a triangle, you multiply the base by the height and divide by half.

What is the math formula for area?

Other commonly used formulas for calculating area: Area of a square = s^2, where s=side. Area of a triangle = b x h, where b=base and h=height. Area of a circle = pi x r^2, where r=radius and pi is a mathematical constant. Formulas used for calculating area exist for all simple shapes but not for complex shapes.

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