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Frequently Asked Questions

What is area 15 in Las Vegas known for?

Area15 (styled AREA15) is an experiential retail and entertainment complex located in Las Vegas, Nevada, one mile west of the Las Vegas Strip. It houses several major experiential entertainment residencies and includes sculptures and other art displays, as well as alcohol outlets and a restaurant.

What is AREA15?

Area15 is a joint project between Fisher Brothers and Beneville Studios. Plans for the project date to 2016, and the opening was initially scheduled for December 2019. However, new ideas for the project pushed back its opening.

How much does it cost to get into AREA15?

Entry into AREA15 is free Sundays through Thursdays. 21+ only after 10 PM every night. On Friday and Saturday nights, a cover charge of $15 is collected at the door -- $10 if purchased in advance. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. AREA15 is an immersive playground, all rolled into a vast and vibrant space.

What is area 30 of the Nevada Test Site?

Area 30 was the site of a single nuclear test, the Crosstie Buggy row charge experiment, part of Operation Plowshare, which involved five simultaneous detonations. ^ "Nevada Test Site north of Las Vegas gets new name: Nevada National Security Site, or N2S2".

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