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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are viruses not considered alive?

Fundamental to the argument that viruses are not alive is the suggestion that metabolism and self-sustaining replication are key definitions of life. Viruses are not able to replicate without the metabolic machinery of the cell. No organism is entirely self-supporting, however – life is absolutely interdependent.

What is a non living virus?

In this simple, clearly non-living state viruses are referred to as 'virions'. Virions can remain in this dormant state for extended periods of time, waiting patiently to come into contact with the appropriate host.

Are viruses a simpler version of cellular life?

This will reveal a mismatch that suggests viruses aren’t a simpler version of cellular life, but are different fundamentally and might have predated cellular life altogether. This model also suggests there was an ancient virosphere from which all viruses evolved. However, some scientists dismiss this hypothesis because of one key feature.

Do viruses play a role in the evolution of life?

It has been recognized that viruses have played (and still play) a major innovative role in the evolution of cellular organisms. New definitions of viruses have been proposed and their position in the universal tree of life is actively discussed.

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