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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of outlet cover has a night light on?

SnapRays Guidelight LED nightlight outlet cover. The SnapRays Guidelight nightlight from SnapPower is an electrical outlet cover that has a built-in LED nightlight. Leaves both outlet plugs free. Has a light sensor that turns the nightlight off during the day. Available in both duplex and décor outlet cover styles.

How do led outlet covers work?

The LEDs are built into outlet covers that are virtually the same size as standard outlet covers, and include a built-in light sensor that automatically turns the lights on when the nearby area is dark, and back off again when the area is light.

Are outlet plug covers safe for babies?

While no outlet cover is guaranteed to be resistant to your baby’s level of curiosity or determination 1, many parents comment that these outlet plug covers were the ones that finally solved their baby-proofing dilemma.

What are the benefits of using an outlet cover?

The molded plastic fits inside the outlet and prevents little fingers from touching anything dangerous. A few users said that the outlet covers were easier for their toddler to remove than other means of outlet protection. However, most people found the outlet covers to be sufficiently tight-fitting and it kept their baby from accessing the outlet.

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