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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join the Army Reserve?

Today's Army Reserve covers more than 20 time zones across five continents. Our people are the most important weapon system in accomplishing the mission, ensuring units are ready and capable to deliver victory. Our Soldiers are mentally tough, with a desire to serve their country now, and lead troops into the fight of tomorrow.

How far away from home can I serve in the Army?

Army Reserve Soldiers typically serve just 90 minutes from home. CONNECT WITH AN ARMY REPRESENTATIVE. We understand that you probably have a million questions. Don’t worry, we’ve been there too.

How long does it take to serve in the Army Reserve?

See how serving one weekend a month, plus two weeks a year can transform your life—personally and professionally. The Army Reserve offers more than 120 jobs that provide valuable training and experience for your long-term life goals, in addition to making you a well-trained Soldier. Army Reserve Soldiers typically serve just 90 minutes from home.

How do I contact the Army Arba office?

Please contact ARBA at: [email protected] for questions or assistance in completing your request. Soldiers must contact their S1/HR Professionals or UA for questions regarding additions, duplicates, misfiled, and/or erroneous documents.

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