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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Aranea mean in Latin?

Aranea's name is derived from araneus, which is Latin for "spider" and is pronounced a-RAH-neh-a, "Araneae" serves as the name for the entire Order of spiders which separates them from other Arachnids. Derivatives of it are used for numerous taxonomic ranks from Suborder down to Genus.

What does Aranea look like in real life?

Aranea has fair skin, green eyes and shoulder-length, silver-blond hair. She wears a suit of armor dubbed the "Dragon Mail"; it is red and black leather armor that has a "scaly" appearance to allude to dragons. Her long white cape with a red symbol also somewhat mimics the appearance of a dragon's wings.

What does Aranea mean in Charlotte's web?

Aranea was also the name of one of Charlotte the spider's daughters at the end of Charlotte's Web . Within the A1 iteration of Sgrub, Aranea's role was the Sylph of Light.

What is Aranea Diadema?

According to Massimo Mangialavori, the web weaving spider, Aranea diadema, is a remedy for people who need to define their own identity (Chicceti, 2003).

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