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Frequently Asked Questions

What are requirements to apply for UC Merced?

Required Qualifications: / Who can apply: Must be a full-time UCM student and possess and maintain a minimal cumulative and semester GPA of 2.5 and serve as an academic role model. Candidates must submit a UC Merced unofficial transcript that shows their cumulative GPA is 2.5 or greater.

Can I get into UC Merced?

If you’re looking at tier 3 schools within the UC system which are Riverside, Merced and Santa Cruz then I would say your chance to get in is possible compared to tier 1 and 2 schools that are Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Irvine, San Diego, etc.

Is UC Merced a good school?

University of California - Merced is a good school. The student body is small compared to the other University of California campuses but it is very diverse and the students are friendly. I feel like I am learning a lot. My classes are challenging but rewarding. My overall opinion is still growing, that is because I just completed a year at Merced.

What is the minimum GRE score required for UC Merced?

UC Merced has no minimum GRE score requirement and we review our applicants holistically; this means we are looking at all the application aspects that make YOU an excellent prospective graduate student. Test scores are just one piece of the puzzle! First, what is the GRE?

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