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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apple Music replay?

In other words, Apple Music Replay is like the 2022 Spotify Wrapped, but for Apple Music users. To view your Apple Music Replay, you must be an active subscriber subscribed to one of Apple Music's subscription plans. Another thing, as you'll note from the guide, you can't view your Apple Music Replay highlights inside the app.

What is Apple Music replay 2023?

While we already had new Apple products announced, the Cupertino firm is now making available one of Apple Music’s users’ favorite features, Apple Music Replay 2023. The platform gathers all the songs, artists, and albums you listen to throughout the year and displays them to you on a single page.

How do I get a replay mix?

You need a subscription to Apple Music. Go to Sign in with the same Apple ID that you use with your Apple Music subscription. Click Get Your Replay Mix. Don't see Replay?

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