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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Apple's competitors?

HP is among Top Apple Competitors. Lenovo or Lenovo Group Ltd. is multinational technology company headquartered in Beijing, China and North Carolina, United States of America. Lenovo is a global leaders that provides Laptops, Tablets, Desktops Computers, Servers and software. Lenovo is on Fortune 500 and consider top brands in the world.

How does Apple Inc's profitability compare to its competitors?

Comparing the results to its competitors, Apple Inc reported Total Revenue increase in the 2 quarter 2022 by 1.87 % year on year. The revenue growth was below Apple Inc's competitors average revenue growth of 7.76 %, recorded in the same quarter. With net margin of 23.44 % company achieved higher profitability than its competitors.

What is the competition between Dell and Apple?

Competition between Dell and Apple began when the former launched a rival product Dell DJ that although brought in significant revenue, it still didn’t match the standards and success of Apples iPod. With a few years have passed on, these two companies even compete fiercely with Dell’s XPS line taking Apple head-on in the PC market.

Is Apple's competitor giving tough time to Apple in smartphone segment?

Some competitors will be giving tough time to Apple in smartphone segment while other competitors will give strong presence in Laptops, tablets (iPads) and Apple smartwatches.

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