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Frequently Asked Questions

Can antifreeze poisoning in dogs be treated?

If treatment of antifreeze poisoning is done within five hours after ingestion, it might be possible to curb damage done and save your pet. The treatment will be aimed at: Preventing absorption of ethylene glycol in the body. Increasing its excretion and removal from the body. Preventing ethylene glycol from being chemically processed into toxins.

What does antifreeze taste like in dogs?

The main ingredient in antifreeze is a chemical called ethylene glycol. This chemical doesn’t have a strong smell, but it has a sweet taste, which is why some pets may be prone to ingesting it. And since antifreeze is a liquid, it is unfortunately not difficult for pets to consume it. What are the Symptoms of Antifreeze Poisoning in Dogs?

How long does it take for antifreeze to work on dogs?

Cats should be treated with an antidote as soon as 3 hours following ingestion of antifreeze, while dogs should be treated ideally within 8 hours, but up to 12 hours after ingestion. Rarely, some pets who ingest antifreeze can still recover from this poisoning even if they are not given the antidote in time.

What happens if a dog or cat drinks antifreeze?

If a dog or cat has consumed antifreeze, they may begin to show symptoms as early as fifteen minutes after consumption and could display symptoms for up to six hours after consumption. If you believe that your dog or cat may have consumed antifreeze, it is important to look for and identify the following symptoms:

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