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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Finney say about Nash's prayer?

Finney stated, ‘I did the preaching altogether, and brother Nash gave himself up almost continually to prayer.’ Often while the evangelist preached to the multitudes, Nash in some adjoining house would be upon his face in an agony of prayer, and God answered in the marvels of His grace.

Who was Charles Finney and what did he do?

Charles Finney was an intense man who brought revival to churches in many communities of the Northeast. Even his detractors acknowledged that his efforts brought about one of the greatest revivals in history in Rochester, NY.

How much did Nash and Clary spend on the Finney meetings?

Finally, for about twenty-five cents a week, the two men, none other than Fathers Nash and Clary, rented a dark and damp cellar for the period of the Finney meetings (at least two weeks), and there in that self-chosen cell, those prayer partners battled the forces of darkness.”

What can we learn from Finney?

From Finney we learn about conversion, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, how to go about promoting revival, gaining decisions, the role of prayer, restitution, working with people of all classes, personal work, dealing with opposition, etc.

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