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Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions are on the notary public exam?

The Notary Public test is a 50-minute exam that has 30 multiple choice questions. A Notary Public is appointed by each state's Secretary of State, governor or lieutenant governor, and authorized to affirm contracts and documents for validity.

What does it take to become a notary?

The training required to become a notary varies by state. Some states require notaries to take a three-or six-hour course before they can take a notary public examination, while others require only that notaries pass an examination.

What are the requirements for a notary?

General Requirements to be a Notary Public. The following criteria are generally used in every state or territory: You must be 18 years old. You must be a resident of the state or county where you are applying, or you must primarily work in the state or county where you are applying to work.

Is Nebraska a notary state?

Browsing Notaries in Nebraska. The Secretary of State in Nebraska is the one responsible for issuing and enforcing licenses for Nebraska Notaries Public. As a first time notary public applicant, it is important that you read the official Nebraska Notary Public Handbook. Requirements to become a notary public in Nebraska:

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