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Frequently Asked Questions

What is change detection in angular?

Change Detection is a process in Angular which keeps views in sync with the models. In Angular, the flow is unidirectional from top to bottom in a component tree. A change in a web application can be caused by events, Ajax calls and Timers which are all asynchronous.

How to update array in angular?

The task is to update an array element with the help of AngularJS. Approach: To update a particular item in an array, there are 2 ways either by its value or by its index. In the first example, the element is updated by its value and in the second example, it has been updated using the index by the bracket notation.

What is the difference between change and ngmodelchange in angular?

ngModelChange direct gives value as output in callback not like change event. Both change and ngModelChange can be used for the same purpose but change function will give you DOM object and ngModelChange will give you entered value into the field

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