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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes brain aneurysm in children?

Although they can occur with no known cause, aneurysms in children are commonly associated with severe head trauma, connective tissue disorders, or infection.

Can a brain aneurysm kill you?

Yes, you can die from a brain aneurysm. It is often fatal when you have a brain aneurysm because it's in an inoperable part of the human body. If it bursts it can cause death. It's often a quick death and many people don't even know they're...

Can an aneurysm be cured?

Brain aneurysms can be treated using surgery if they have burst (ruptured) or there's a risk they will. Preventative surgery is usually only recommended if there's a high risk of a rupture. This is because surgery has its own risk of potentially serious complications, such as brain damage or stroke. Assessing your risk.

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