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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Beanie Babies?

Ty Warner, the owner of Ty Warner Inc. and later Ty Inc., introduced Beanie Babies and achieved success with his low priced, small scale, stuffed animal toys. The business and marketing strategies for Beanie Babies were savvy and the Beanie Babies line was unmistakable. See a list of valuable Beanie Babies.

Which Beanie Babies are worth more than others?

As you may know, some Beanie Babies are worth more if they are paired with others in a “collection” of sorts. One such crew includes a Large Wallace Ty (a green teddy with a red check scarf) paired with two regular-sized Wallaces, and his bear pals Cashew and Huggy.

When did they stop making Beanie Babies?

In 1999, Ty announced that it would be ceasing all production of Beanie Babies.

Are Ty Beanie Babies without tags worth anything?

Because as we collectors know, a Ty without a tag isn’t worth squat. Well, your collection of Ty Beanie Babies may not afford you a small fortune (even with the tags) but a few select BBs might just go for a pretty penny. Keep reading for the most valuable Ty Beanie Babies! Note: None of the below prices are guaranteed.

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