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Frequently Asked Questions

What is initial step in DNA replication?

The first step of DNA replication occurs when a protein triggers the unwinding of the DNA helix. This is followed by a separation of the DNA strands prior to the transfer of genetic data to the newly assembled DNA strands. A protein known as helicase is responsible for breaking down the hydrogen bonds between strands of DNA during replication.

What unwinds the two DNA strands during replication?

Helicases are enzymes that unwinds DNA and separates both strands forming the replication fork. Helicases are able to break the hydrogen bonds between the nucleotides of both strands of DNA.

What is the last step in DNA replication called?

DNA Replication. The last step in DNA replication is the putting together the Okazaki fragments so they are one seamless piece. This involves using an enzyme called DNA ligase. DNA ligase glues together the pieces of DNA to make one long molecule. The DNA can now be recoiled so that it will fit inside the cell.

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