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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Amoeba Music moving?

Copy Link URL Copied! Amoeba Music will be moving to a new location on Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle Avenue. Copy Link URL Copied! Amoeba Music is moving this year, but record shoppers won’t have to schlep very far.

Is Amoeba Records reopening in Hollywood in 2021?

Amoeba Records in Hollywood Reopening on March 31, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Michael Buckner for PMC Weinstein has already said that more space is being allocated to vinyl, thanks to that boom, and less to currently underperforming media like CDs and DVDs.

Where is the new amoeba located?

The new Amoeba is just across the street from the Hollywood/Vine station on the Metro Red Line. The 217 bus stops one block west, on Hollywood between Argyle & Vine. WILL YOU STILL BUY USED PRODUCT? Yes! Our trade counter will be right up front. There are also a few short-term meters on Argyle for easy unloading.

How do I get to Amoeba?

From surface streets, you can access Amoeba via Hollywood Blvd and cross streets (from the south) Argyle and El Centro, and (from the north) Argyle and Gower. WHAT PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IS THE BEST TO GET TO YOU?

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