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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Amoeba?

The main meaning of [‘Amoeba’] was – in a weird way, it’s me scolding myself about my actions, about prioritizing the wrong things […] You haven’t called your family in two weeks, you’re just going to parties, trying to impress the wrong person and putting your energy in the wrong places.

How old is Clairo?

Clairo is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter, best known for songs like "Bags" and "Pretty Girl." Clairo released her highly anticipated sophomore album, "Sling," on Friday.

Is Amoeba the best song on sling?

"Amoeba" is the best song on the album. "Amoeba" is the second track on "Sling." "Amoeba" immediately grabbed my attention, and it held my attention the entire time. It has an irresistible beat, accented by fizzy piano flourishes, that just makes you want to bounce on the balls of your feet.

What's so great about Clairo's'Harbor'?

"Harbor" is anchored by Clairo's sparkly vocals. "Harbor" is the seventh track on "Sling." As superstar producer Finneas O'Connell has said, "Harmony is as big a component as any instrument might be to really fill out a recording." This song is the perfect piece of evidence to back up that claim.

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