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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mode of respiration in amoeba?

Respiration in Amoeba We know that amoeba is a unicellular organism which lives in fresh water. This organism does not have a specialized organ to do the process of respiration. So in amoeba respiration takes place through its cell membrane also called plasma membrane.

What is an amoeba?

What Is an Amoeba? 1 Cell structure. All living organisms can be broadly divided into two groups — prokaryotes and eukaryotes — which are distinguished by the relative complexity of their cells. 2 Pseudopodia. Structurally, amoebae closely resemble the cells of higher organisms. ... 3 Classification. ... 4 Importance. ...

How does an amoeba get oxygen from surrounding water?

Amoeba gets oxygen gas dissolved in surrounding water through its plasma membrane by the process of diffusion. The oxygen gas diffused inside the body is used up by amoeba. In the body the oxygen gas absorbed is used to break down the complex food material into simple molecules.

Is Amoeba eukaryotic or prokaryotic?

In addition, amoebae are eukaryotic by definition and possess a unique nucleus that contains a central karyosome with a thin layer of beaded chromatin coating the inner nuclear membrane; however, unlike many eukaryotes, amoebae are anaerobic.

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