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Frequently Asked Questions

What rebates are available for new air conditioners?

Here are just some examples of rebates you can get for new AC units in 2021: $25 rebate for room air conditioners (offered by Austin Utilities, for example). $500 rebate for mini-split AC units (offered by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program). $1000+ rebate for central air conditioners (offered by AEP ...

Are American standard air conditioners tax deductible?

According to a bill passed in 2018, American Standard’s air conditioners are eligible for hefty tax rebates due to their efficiency levels. This bill allows a tax rebate of 10% of the cost (including installation expenses) up to a maximum of USD 300 upon purchase. Customers can avail this tax credit the next time they file their tax return.

Are American standard air conditioners Energy Star rated?

The premium American Standard air conditioners are Energy Star rated; meaning they are approved by the US government in terms of their efficiency. Below is a table diving into the details of American Standard’s air conditioners.

How much does an American standard air conditioner cost?

The American Standard Platinum 20 is the company’s most premium unit, costing a whopping $6,400 with the installation. While it is the most expensive model, it also boasts the most features. Contrarily, the American Standard Silver 13 is the least efficient model; costing only $3,850, with a 13 SEER.

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