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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make seeds in Minecraft?

This is the most common and basic plant that you're likely to begin with when first playing Minecraft. Break tall grass. Some tall grass will produce seeds when broken. Collect the seeds by walking over them. Craft a hoe. Use sticks and your material of choice to make it. Plant the seeds. Using the hoe, on dirt or grass, right click.

What are the best Minecraft village seeds?

Hands down one of the best Minecraft village seeds because it's right near the spawn, has a dungeon for 15 diamonds, has two ocean monuments, and plenty more dungeons to explore for resources. This is the great village seed of 1.8.2 and plenty of other versions that it works on too.

What are the Minecraft seeds?

Minecraft Seeds are codes that the game uses to generate different worlds. They keep the terrain consistent and let players share interesting maps. Players can enter their own seeds either in text or numbers.

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