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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Algeciras located in Spain?

Algeciras (/ ˌældʒɪˈsɪərəs /, Spanish: [alxeˈθiɾas]) is a municipality of Spain belonging to the province of Cádiz, Andalusia. Located in the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula, near the Strait of Gibraltar, it is the largest city on the Bay of Gibraltar (Spanish: Bahía de Algeciras).

How did Algeciras get its name?

It enjoyed a brief period of independence as a taifa state from 1035 to 1058. It was named al-Jazirah al-Khadra' ("Green Island") after the offshore Isla Verde; the modern name is derived from this original Arabic name (compare also Algiers and Al Jazeera ). In 1055 Emir Al-Mutadid of Seville drove the Berbers from Algeciras, claiming it for Arabs.

How did Algeciras fall to the Muslims?

After many centuries of Muslim rule, the tide of the reconquista arrived at Algeciras. In July 1309 Ferdinand IV of Castile laid siege to Algeciras as well as Gibraltar. The latter fell into Christian hands, but Muslim Algeciras held on for the following three decades, until Alfonso XI of Castile resumed its siege.

How did Algeciras become the seat of a diocese?

In March 1344, after several years of siege, Algeciras surrendered. On winning the city, Alfonso XI made it the seat of a new diocese, established by Pope Clement VI 's bull Gaudemus et exultamus of 30 April 1344, and entrusted to the governance of the bishop of Cadiz.

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