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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book Air Arabia flight ticket online?

Air Arabia online booking is available on Almosafer. Almosafer gives you the opportunity to discover the world by providing special offers on Air Arabia airlines flight booking. Choose Air Arabia flight ticket booking online and get the lowest Air Arabia airfares and Air Arabia airlines flight tickets by using code FLY10.

How early can I check in with Air Arabia?

For passengers with a confirmed Air Arabia e-ticket, online check-in can be made 24 hours prior to departure from Sharjah, and 12 hours before departure at all other airports for Air Arabia flights. Does Air Arabia allow web check-in? Does Air Arabia provide online seat selection?

What is it like to fly on Air Arabia?

One of the main features about the Air Arabia airline is that they have single, long aisle fleet, running from cockpit to baggage room at the end. Unlike other airlines, Air Arabia only features Economy class that might sound a bit demeaning.

How do I change my flight on Air Arabia website?

Click on the ‘Search’ button to view the prices and availability of flights on the said date and the entire week. Visit and enter your last name, departure date, and last name.

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