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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book Air Arabia flight ticket online?

Air Arabia online booking is available on Almosafer. Almosafer gives you the opportunity to discover the world by providing special offers on Air Arabia airlines flight booking. Choose Air Arabia flight ticket booking online and get the lowest Air Arabia airfares and Air Arabia airlines flight tickets by using code FLY10.

How to get boarding pass for Al Arabiya Airlines?

Air Arabia booking Procedures and Issuance of Boarding Pass: Al Arabiya airlines offers easy online booking procedures. Passengers can select their preferred seats, check-in and print their boarding passes from anywhere they have Internet access.

What are the privileges when booking Air Arabia?

Privileges When Booking Air Arabia: As a low-cost airline, it offers cheap air tickets. Online booking and a friendly customer-care center which facilitate booking procedures. Comfortable and pleasurable travel experience owing to modern aircrafts. It offers Sky Mallservice for shopping on board. Pre-selection of seats during booking process.

Can I upgrade my Air Arabia flight?

By Shyamalima on Apr 25,2018. A: Yes, you can upgrade your Air Arabia flight 24 hours before your flight. However, alterations are subject to the Air Arabia’s terms and conditions. You can modify your booking instantly by contacting their call centre, visiting their sales offices or travel partners.

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