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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Aircraft Spruce?

For airplane parts and pilot supplies, Aircraft Spruce is the leading aviation supply house in the world. • Homebuilt components for aircraft including: Lancair, Vans Aircraft, Cozy, Starduster & Europa • Factory built parts for Cessna, Piper, Beech & Mooney

How do I contact Aircraft Spruce?

1-877-4-SPRUCE | [email protected] Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. Corona, CA | Chicago, IL Wasilla, AK | Peachtree City, GA Brantford, ON Canada

Why choose a Aircraft Spruce&Specialty Company?

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company carries everything a pilot could need, including pilot supplies and aircraft parts, always at the lowest prices. We are proud of the tradition of our company that now dates back some 55 years, and are pleased to have had the opportunity to help aviators around the world build the plane of their dreams.

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