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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use aimbot? Aimlock use aimbot by just 2 clicks! press P for Aimlock in the press of a button. [UPDATED] may not work battledudes.IO Aimbot, ESP & X-Ray Aimbot and ESP for Locks the aim to the nearest player and shows lines between nearby players. Removes ceilings from buildings and let's you see inside them too.

What is the difference betweenbuggy and aimbot?

--If true, the aimbot will only look for the closest visible player --Buggy for 3rd person games! --If false, the aimbot will look for all players, even if they're behind a wall *This was made for exploits using the WeAreDevs API, such as JJSploit. *Please don't steal credits. I worked pretty hard on this ;c

Does the script work on all games?

This script works on all games (unless the character is not in workspace) Feel free to edit any of the global settings inside the script. Editable settings :

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