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Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off aimbot?

It features an unpatched aimbot script with a no contest script. -- Modified by me am nub so that it prints in dev console whether aim is on or off --> Execute this in your gym. --> Press F to turn off aimbot. If you leave it as it is... -- it isn't noticable. Just note that it will say great -- accuracy when u shoot and its on.

How to enable aimbothiderbox on keyDown?

KeyDown: Connect (function( a) Gui. Enabled = false Gui. Enabled = true aimbothiderbox. Text = "Speed :"..tostring( aimbothiderspeed).." on" aimbothiderbox.

What is the color of the text in aimbothiderbox?

aimbothiderbox. TextColor3 = Color3. fromRGB (11, 255, 19) aimbothiderbox. TextColor3 = Color3. fromRGB (255, 0, 0) if mouse. Target then mouse. Target: Destroy ()

Does the script work on all games?

This script works on all games (unless the character is not in workspace) Feel free to edit any of the global settings inside the script. Editable settings :

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