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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affidavit of Correction?

An affidavit of correction (or statement of fact) is submitted to fix incorrect records with the government or organization. This is common when a record has the wrong name or for spelling mistakes. The affidavit is recommended to be notarized and sent by express mail (unless electronic communication is available).

How much is a corrected title application?

Note: Corrected title applications involving the removal of a name because of divorce or the death of a co-owner or for changing an owner's name because of marriage must be accompanied with a $15 title fee. Other changes may be made at the same time providing divorce, death of a co-owner or marriage is the prevailing reason for the change.

How do I correct information on my title?

When you are seeking to correct information on your title, and your title is not lost, stolen or mutilated, you must apply for a Corrected Title. You must fill out the Application for Vehicle Transaction (s) (VSD 190) .

What do I need to file a correction request?

• A copy of a non-expired, government issued photo ID of the person requesting the correction. • Documentation required to complete the correction requested.

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