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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aetna a good insurance company?

"Aetna is a good and stable health insurance company.Their customer service is very helpful and answers your questions timely". "The coverage is very good.". "Caring people, I can call them anytime when I feel a need of their help.".

Does Aetna have car insurance?

Aetna has always been a health care insurer and is not licensed for property and casualty. Aetna does not sell car insurance. As a health insurance provider, they are able to sell you medical insurance to supplement your auto insurance.

Does Aetna have a good dental plan?

Absolutely! If dental insurance isn't the best option for your orthodontic needs, consider an Aetna dental savings plan. They're an affordable alternative to dental insurance. Aetna and other major insurers understand dental insurance doesn't make financial sense for every situation, so they offer dental savings plans as another way to save.

Is Aetna a private insurance company?

Aetna is a private insurance company contracted with Medicare to provide Medicare beneficiaries with other types of Medicare coverage.

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