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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of adult?

2 : of, relating to, intended for, or befitting adults an adult approach to a problem. 3 : dealing in or with explicitly sexual material adult bookstores adult movies.

What is adult adoption?

Adult adoption is a legal procedure in which an older adult adopts a younger adult. Once an adult adoption is complete, the parties assume toward each other a legal parent-child relationship, with all associated rights and responsibilities of such a relationship, including inheritance rights. Adult Adoption cannot be used for Immigration purposes.

Who are the members of adult?

Initially, ADULT. members were unrevealed, but now it is known that the band consists of husband-and-wife Adam Lee Miller (formerly of Le Car) and visual artist Nicola Kuperus. The two members are also the founders of the Ersatz Audio record label.

What is true financial Adulting?

— Sharon Pope True financial adulting goes beyond paying your bills on time. It's also about planning for the future. — Mary Crawley Adulting does not have to be scary. Some students … feel as though they are comfortable with their ability to live on their own.

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