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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ADM?

Our global footprint. With unparalleled size and scale, ADM is uniquely capable of managing every part of the nutrition supply chain, creating value at every step. Unlock your potential.

Who is adadm?

ADM is a global leader in nutrition who unlocks the power of nature to envision, create and combine ingredients and flavors for food and beverages, supplements, animal feed, and more.

Why ADM is issued in Tanzania?

Reasons for issuance of ADM: - BSP Tanzania: ticket issued in TZS currency will be invoiced in USD through ADM. - Churning: For repeatedly cancelling/booking same itinerary in the same or different classes on one or more PNRs without ticketing by ticketing time limits.

What is the ADM Issue fee for APG Airlines?

For all BSPs and TCH, APG AIRLINES will apply an ADM issue fee of 10.00EUR per ADM or equivalent in local currency and another additional 25EUR fee per ticket, or its equivalent in local currency, will be added in case of ADM issued for chargeback/credit card fraud, churning, discarding unused segments or non respect of IATA resolution 852.

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